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cbd oil houston texas full spectrumAre you looking for cbd oil in the Houston Texas area? If so, I have great news for you. There are several local cbd oil reps I can recommend that sell high quality organic cbd oil. I have posted a local map should you be looking for a place close by. Before you buy any cbd oil, whether online or in person, here are some tips. Always ask to see a COA. A COA is a certificate of analysis which is a lab report done via a 3rd party. That means a separate company other than the manufacturer tests the cbd oil for  what is exactly is in that cbd oil.

Over 67% of cbd oils advertised today on the market are mislabeled according to Pennsylvania Medicine University. So do some due diligence and check that your cbd oil has some kind of lab result you can actually verify. CBD isolates from CTFO are in the purest form and contain no THC but may not provide the maximum benefit as a full spectrum cbd oil. Full spectrum cbd oils will provide CBDA, terpenes and all of the phytocannabinoids rather than just the cbd alone.

CBD Oil Houston Texas CTFO

Another tip you can check is to see is if the cbd oil is organic and or GMP certified. GMP certified means good manufacturing practice. It’s a high standard which checks the cbd from seed to harvest. Many people ask which type of cbd oil is right for me? CTFO has both cbd isolate and full spectrum cbd oils. The 10x pure cbd oil from CTFO is a patented cbd oil. It is hydrophilic in nature as it allows for maximum bioavailability into your system. Instead of asking how much cbd is in that bottle, people should be asking how much can I get absorbed.

Check out all of the CTFO cbd products above this page on the shop link. If you need a consultation from a local cbd expert, be sure to reach out to us. We offer cbd pet treats, cbd beauty creams, cbd pain creams and so much more.

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