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cbd oil los angeles ca for sale shopAre you looking for CBD oil in the Los Angeles California area? If so I have good news that we have local CTFO cbd associates I want to recommend.  Regardless where you buy your cbd oil make sure you actually get what you pay for. There was a study recently from Penn Medicine University that 67% of the cbd oils sold are mislabeled. This is due to slow state regulations. Always ask for a COA. A COA is a certificate of analysis and is a lab result of all the compounds in the cbd oil. Not just how much cbd but how much cbda, cbdg and so on. This you can verify also by contacting that 3rd party lab.

If you can find a local cbd oil shop who can provide organic, GMP certified cbd oil then I am all for it. CTFO is one of those companies I love. They are very transparent in their products and have been around a over 3 years now offering a 60 day empty bottle guarantee. GMP stands for good manufacturing pratices and just means that CTFO has regulations in place that watch cbd production from seed to harvest.

CBD Oil Los Angeles California CTFO

Finally it’s not how much cbd oil you have, it’s how much you can get absorbed. 10x pure cbd oil from CTFO provides a patented hydrophilic carrier into your system. It works better than a liposome and is made water soluble naturally. See all of the great cbd products below. I also have added a local Los Angeles map below of all cbd oil shops.

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